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The new 12/24 volt solar pumps have arrived, they run directly from a solar panel, we have them running with a controller pumping at night.  Pump water in remote places with no power and no big inverter units needed, easy simple works!! 70m lift giving water, fit float switches to live stock wells or water tanks, NO Eskom no problem your tank will be full all the time.


 SOLAR TRACKER: Our 1kw to 3kw solar tracker will be ready next week watch this space for pictures    and specs!!!


I started Green Wind in 2007 seeing a change in Eskom then already and wanting to go green with power generation. We designs systems of all sizes from a small emergency light to a large 3 phase factory. We have had training form Victron and other suppliers and are licensed single and 3 phase installers. We do Farms, Guest houses, Rural homes, Off grid houses, Back Up systems. Call us we can design a system to suit YOU!