5000 Watts


With 5000 Watts of Power you are now starting to run your whole house off the grid and away form Eskom. With 5000 Watts you can now run all appliances off the inverter, remember any heating element will draw a lot of power from your battery’s. You will need to watch how and what you run and not run all heavy consumers at one time, a staggered running pattern is best. Add Wind and Solar to take the hosue off the Grid and be a self contained power unit, the inverter can be programed to allow Eskom to be your silent generator if the need arises with out you spending money on a generator and servicing it, or have a generator wired into the inverter which can control it for you ensuring you always have 100% power available 24/7/365

The Phoenix EasyPlus is connected to the batteries and to the shore power or generator. The maximum available generator or shore current is set using the dial on the control panel. The output consumers are divided into two groups. The first group consists of the ‘regular’, low or short term power users such as sockets or kitchen equipment. This group can be fed from both shore/generator and battery power via the inverter. The second group is the ‘heavy user’ circuit. This can be a water heater or the air-conditioning. In order to protect the batteries from excessive discharge, this group is shore/generator-only and cannot be supplied when the inverter is functioning. Unique PowerAssist® technology protects the shore or generator from being overloaded by adding extra inverter power. When needed. We have other models from 1600watts  to 5kv.

Local inverters:

We also offer a range of local inverters, these are pure sinewave and have been made since 1981, they are solid good quality inverters. They start at 1500watts and go up to 8Kw. They come in 1500w, 2500w, 4000w, 6000w and 8000w of pure power, enough to run a home.


  • Automatic load sence  Saves energy
  • DC undervoltage-Protects battery from dangerous low battery voltage
  • Overload-Protects the inverter when to much load is connected
  • microprocessor controlled PWM sinewave technology
  • Overload – protects the inverter when too much load is connected as well as short circuit.
  • Inverters and battery charger are supplied in 2mm steel boxes with front open door. Removable lid on top for ventilation. Fan activated by temperature switch at 60 degrees

    6000 W Inverter


    These units are reliable and a true workhorse, they are on many South African farms. The charge controller is PMW control and is not a on off controller, a lot of time has gone into the design of this unit. This will ensure your battries are always charge and well maintained.

    120 Amp Charge Controller

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