6X2 We offer a range of GSM products to monitor your PV, Inverter and Battery system sending a SMS to your cell phone of any potential problem with the system. The text messages are all custom and can be programmed for you eg “Eskom Power off at 1 Benson Drive”

The units are easy to install and runs off a 12 volt DC supply, 6 messages can be sent allowing you to monitor 6 inputs with both high and low inputs sending a SMS



This unit can send an sms to 4 numbers and a control room reporting fire, you don’t have to call all information is relayed to the control room. 6 custom messages can be sent!

  1.  FIRE ALARM ACTIVE at Morton Manor house
  2. Manual call point active at Jack Black Beer House
  3. Brigade Call out requested! at Johns farm
  4. Evacuation Order at Boskloof Estate
  5. Cancel Call Out at BlueBerry Estate
  6. System Test

We can send bulk sms to all residents from the gate house or managers office, we can start your fire pumps from our office and start pre wetting forests and border line of estates.